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Vain yksi potilaskertomus tuhansien joukossa

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Each and every month, Musikka eligible to receive 300 marijuana cigarettes, grown, rolled, packed and shipped by employees of the U.S. government, as part of a program that officially stopped accepting patients on orders of President George Bush, Sr. in 1992.
 “[Over the years] several doctors have said I have to smoke marijuana or I would go blind,” Musikka told Raw Story in an exclusive interview. “Some even gave me recipes for brownies and the like, because they saw that I was not psychologically oriented to smoke marijuana. I was scared to death of it. I believed every lie I have ever heard. And that made it very difficult because I was dealing with problems that I couldn’t solve with the conventional meds.”
“When I tried it the first time, it was miraculous,” she said. “Long story short, I ate some brownies and went back to my [eye doctor]. My pressures came down from 56 in the right eye and 49 in the left eye, to 12 and 14. Nothing short of a miracle… I never needed the surgeries, as I have proved with my left eye which has
“I’ve been studying this now for 35 years and I can find no trace of sanity in arresting, criminalizing over 25 million of us over the last 40 years,” she concluded. “[So], I’m joining the occupations. I don’t know where else to take these problems anymore.

“…corporate America owns all of us, especially the seriously ill.”

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